Marketing Kraleba - production software

The Marketing Kraleba Project is a CRM and production management software created between 2015-2016 for the client of the firm where I was employed and associated. Structure, formulas, and program names were created by the client.

Written in Delphi VCL, it can not be compiled for tablet or mobile, but can be compiled for MacOS and Linux.

The project is somewhat more complex because there are many calculations, formulas, and relationships between components.

The workflow begins with the introduction of suppliers. In this module there are also some tools for sending emails, sms or printing envelope labels.

Then the production materials and other production or indirect costs are introduced. Specify the discounts that vendors have made based on quantity, and the materials that are sold only in pre-established minimum quantities.

Then proceed to create a product. Configure the product using production materials and their quantities and certain product details (color, season, etc.). Photos are created separately by the client in a graphics program.

In the production step, more products are added to a production batch and the program calculates in real time several values: production costs, indirect production costs, VAT depending on the suppliers of materials, etc. Also in this step, the program calculates and suggests the optimal quantities of products to be manufactured to fit the preset minimum quantities of materials.

Subsequently, the products are loaded from the production program in the online store:

The production program takes orders from the site, issues invoices, and tracks deliveries and receipts. Then you can prepare reports and forecasts for specific periods.

For reasons of the NDA, this is a succinct and general overview of a production program without the details of the project. Screenshots are obtained from the "development" version of the program, and the data displayed is fictitious.



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