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I developed the CloudPRO project from 2016 to 2017 for the company I work for due to the need to simplify the web design process and provide customers with more control to customize their websites with minimal provider intervention. In short, the project aimed to create an easy-to-use drag-and-drop website builder service.

The objective was to create a user-friendly drag-and-drop website builder service, as similar services already existed globally, but to make it easier to use and accessible to non-technical users. The service allows customers to start with a minimal default website and then customize its content, publish products for sale, configure payment processors, create galleries, pages, and blogs.

The project is divided into two sections:


Client area

The client area is based on iqApp4 (Yii2 based CMS).

Login and registration can be made classic or fast by connecting your social media account. The idea was that the user to remember very few information, passwords, etc, and to be able to login as easily as possible.

The website builder Service Order can be made in 3 easy steps: check domain name availability, choosing a service package and billing period, completing the order with possibility to change the final invoice details, if applicable.

iqApp connects to the API of the control panel from the hosting server and creates the hosting account, add the domain and creates a subdomain that can be used until the registration process is completed and install the website builde on the server for the customer's domain.

iqApp configures the customer's invoicing profile into the platform and issues a proforma along with an invoice notification SMS. The system also send two emails: one with the proforma HTML+PDF with the option to pay with the card, and the second email website builder account admin data.

The order process is very fast. From the login step and until the website is online, it can take 5 minutes.

Subsequently, iqApp issues proformas and SMS notifications at the intervals chosen by the client and track the payments. At payment by card it automatically extends the service and automatically suspend service for non-payment, after the grace period.

The only human interventions are in this service is at the domain registration (for the moment) and for manual processing for bank transfer payments.

The client area is multi-language and multi-currency, and the default websiteis installed in the language of the order was made.

Website builder

Because it exists, the website builder part of it was taken from an open source project, written on Laravel and modified by me.


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