Didactonline - e-Learning & exams

The project Didactonline was an e-learning & exams portal created in 2008.

I started it as a pilot project for online examination. At that time, in Romania, there wasn't such an application.

The team with I was working, liked this pilot project, so it was decided to continue.

The final graphics was created by the company's graphic designer, and I converted it from PSD to HTML and created the portal.

The complexity of the project grew a lot, compared to the original idea, because new details appeared every day, and we were trying to cover everything that means education in Romania.

The final result included: organizing educational institutions with organizational chart and portal permissions, courses distributing, planning and supporting exams, timetables and messaging within the institution (as an email box in the portal).

The next problem was the possibility to take the exam even without an internet connection, which I solved by writing a "master" application in VB6 that pre-synchronized the data with the online server and a "slave" application in VB6, which included a browser that, after login student, loaded the exam in the master application.

The "master" application was installed on the examiner's computer and the "slave" applications on the other computers that were undergoing exams.

In order for the system to work, the local network should operate at a minimum.

The "master" application locally synchronized the institution info (time, exams, students, teachers, permissions, etc.), and if the Internet connection was interrupted it continues to use the already downloaded data, then synchronizes when the connection came back.

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