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Software and web developer

Hi. I'm a software and web developer, coding in PHP, HTML, Javascript, Delphi and working primarily with Yii2, jQuery, Angularjs and Bootstrap.

Have a look through some of my projects and blog posts. Need help with a project?

About me

About me in brief:

Persevering because I'm not leaving any unsolved problems. Through intense study and a lot of work, I have fulfilled hard-to-achieve demands with a lot of confidence in my own powers. I love the challenges.

Organized in nearly everything I do, creating routines for almost anything. I'm hosting & backup & monitor over 130 websites, and this doesn't take all my time, on the contrary. I'm using bash, cmd scripts and crons.

User experience oriented in general. Often, after I deliver a project, I observe how the customer use the program or I ask different people to use it and them, unknowingly, become testers and the testing process is masked in a free to use service. The final scope is to create intuitive and easy-to-understand UI to reduce the number of questions and shortening the training time.

Self-taught because I've learned to program, and I still learn, for the need to solve certain problems and to streamline processes, by curiosity and by the desire to see online the projects I'm working on, as soon as possible. I'm currently creating applications in Delphi, PHP and Javascript, but I'm not afraid to try new things.

Over the time I've developed a custom CMS, extensible and optimized for SEO and speed, that boosted the search results in Google for dozens of websites from different activity domains. The latest version of this CMS is based on Yii2 in backend and Angularjs for Admin Area.

What I do

  • cross-platform software based on "write once, run anywhere" philosophy
  • "server-client" browser based apps: website, eCommerce, classifieds, online newspaper, real estate, auctions, API apps, browser based games, etc.
  • LNAMP administration

My skills

  • Javascript+jQuery
  • Delphi
  • Yii2
  • Laravel
  • Bootstrap
  • Angularjs
Worked Hours
in numbers

Some statistics about my programming experience over time, since july 2007

Coffee converted to code